Quality Feeders 


Why spend the high prices for the inferior products of a chain pet store? Food for Reps, offers a wide varity of live/frozen feeders for sale for your snakes, amphibibians, or birds of prey. Our rats, mice, ASF, and rabbits are raised in an healthy clean enviroment. We only feed quality lab block to ensure your pets recieve quality nutrition for their health. We are a family owned and operated business located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. We offer  local pickup 7 days a week and we always look out for our repeat customers.

We also breed pet rats and these are not the same as the feeders. I handle at the 4 week old mark and all have very friendly personalities.


Will be offerring frozen shipped in the upcoming months.







rat feeders


We  are detail oriented and take great pride in the breeding, raising, and packaging of our mice and rat colonies. Our rodents are culled based on demand to extend the shelf life and guarantee you will recieve the freshest feeders!